Psalm 40_5

October 18
Happy Thursday Everyone,
The scripture for today is Psalm 40:5
Psalms 40:5 Many, O LORD my God, are your wonderful works which you have done, and your thoughts which are toward us: they cannot be recounted in order unto you: if I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered.
Our Father is an infinite and daily He reminds us of His creative power through the book of nature and His Holy Word. One of the most humbling thoughts is that the God of the universe is always thinking about us; not just as the human race, but each one of us individually. Regardless of our station in life or the level at which others hold us, God is thinking about each one of us. His desire for us is that we hear Him speaking through His creation and through His Word. He wants us to listen for His voice and if we listen, we will surely hear Him. He is a God of communication. Not only does He thinks; He also speaks. In fact, His voice is as eternal as His person and His word is always communicating His truth to those who will but stop and listen.  
Both His works and His thoughts cannot be numbered; they are infinite. He is thinking about you right now.  We are always on His mind; He never lets us go from His paternal love. He knows every detail of our makeup; even the number of hairs on our head. That is the infinite knowledge that belongs only to God. And if He knows the details that we would not even consider, how much more the details of things that we consider important. Each one of us is equally relevant to God. He does not want to be without us and His thoughts toward us are good continually. The rejection of His gifts is the most tragic human story, yet He continues to speak and continues to reach out to us with His love. He has already provided everything necessary for us to have abundant and eternal life in Him. He is speaking to the world through His Holy Word. We need but to hear His voice and respond according to what He says.  
God bless you as you continue in His service.