What to Expect

Are you new and wondering what you can expect when you walk through the door? Hopefully this will help!

You will be greeted by loving and friendly people who will hand you a bulletin and answer any questions you have, kindly directing you to where you'd like to go.

If you come at 9:30 for Sabbath School, you will find we have engaging and interactive classes for kids of all ages, and Bible study classes for the adults, whether you are new to Adventists or a seasoned soul.

Our Worship Service starts at 10:50 AM in the main sanctuary. If you aren't able to join us in person, you can watch the services online on our Facebook page or YouTube channel.

After the church service, we invite you to join us for a meal and we can all get to know each other better!


Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Wear?

We want you to come as you are and feel comfortable here! You may find that most of those attending tend to dress on the smart casual side if that helps you decide on a wardrobe.

If you find that you get chilly during the service, there is a basket in the back of the sanctuary with shawls and blankets to keep you cozy!


What's the Worship Service Like?

Our service starts at 10:50 and typically concludes around 12:30. We begin with a welcome and some brief announcements, followed by an opening prayer and a hymn. We usually sing traditional songs from the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal, and we love to sing, so be prepared for all the verses!  :)

The children in the congregation will be invited to walk through the congregation and pick up offering offered to them as they make their way to the front for a short Bible story or object lesson. There will usually be a special musical piece shared by one of our members, followed by a Scripture reading and the sermon. We close out our worship service by singing another hymn together - yes, all the verses!

If you would like a more in-depth view of a typical Sabbath, please check out our latest bulletin.


Do You Accommodate the Handicapped?

Yes, all areas of the building are wheelchair accessible, and there is an elevator to take you to the Fellowship Hall downstairs to join us for meals. if you are hearing impaired, please let us know when you arrive as we have listening devices you can use so you can hear the service.


What Do You Believe?

Click here to learn more about what Seventh-day Adventists believe and who we are. If you would like to be contacted by a member of our ministry team, please fill out our contact form.