Steps to Personal Revival

What did Jesus teach about the Holy Spirit? Is there a spiritual cause to our problems? Is the cause a lack of the Holy Spirit? How can we grow to be happy and strong Christians? How can the Holy Spirit fill our lives today? In this inspiring book, Helmut Haubeil answers some of these important questions and much more.






The Compelling Love of God

Looking for a fresh set of righteousness by faith, Christ centered Bible studies? Look no farther.  Grow into maturity by finding security in Christ as you study His Word.







A Reason for Courage

These seven Bible Study lessons don’t just inform you, they lead you into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Your heart craves the love and courage found on these pages! Written for both personal study and sharing with others—not just for women—this seven-lesson series unpacks Revelation 14:6-13 in a way you’ve probably never before seen.






Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides

Click the button below to view 27 free Bible Lessons prepared by Amazing Facts. You can browse all 27 or you can sort the list by subject to narrow down what you're looking for.










Read the Bible in One Year

Download this Bible reading plan prepared by Amazing Facts. Start any time. Each month has 25 days of reading, so you have extra time built in to the plan in case you ever need to catch up.