Matthew 16:27

The scripture for today is Matthew 16:27
Matthew 16:27 For the Son of Man will come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and then He will reward each according to his works.
It is clear from the words of Jesus that He is coming again and that He is bringing His reward with Him. He will then reward everyone according to their works. Good works are based in righteousness and the works of evil are based on selfishness, pride, and sin. Sinners will not possess the eternal blessings of God. “There will be some terrible falls by those who think they stand firm because they have the truth, but they have it not as it is in Jesus. A moment’s carelessness may plunge a soul into irretrievable ruin. One sin leads to the second, and the second prepares the way for a third and so on. We must, as faithful messengers of God, plead with Him constantly to be kept by His power. If we swerve a single inch from duty, we are in danger of following on in a course of sin that ends in perdition. There is hope for every one of us, but only in one way—by fastening ourselves to Christ and exerting every energy to attain to the perfection of his character.
This goody-goody religion that makes light of sin and that is forever dwelling upon the love of God to the sinner, encourages the sinner to believe that God will save him while he continues in sin and he knows it to be sin. This is the way that many are doing who profess to believe present truth. The truth is kept apart from their life, and that is the reason it has no more power to convict and convert the soul. There must be a straining of every nerve and spirit and muscle to leave the world, its customs, its practices, and its fashions…If you put away sin and exercise living faith, the riches of heaven’s blessings will be yours.” Ellen White, Selected Messages, Book 3, pp. 154-155
It is important to note that while the child of God will produce good works, it is not good works that secure our salvation. Good works simply reflect who is living in the heart. A good tree cannot bring forth bad fruit and a bad tree cannot bring forth good fruit (Luke 6:43). “All your good works cannot save you, but it is nevertheless impossible for you to be saved without good works. Every sacrifice made for Christ will be for your eternal gain.” Ellen White, Selected Messages, Book 3, p. 147
God bless you as you continue in His service.