Job 6:24

The scripture for today is Job 6:24
Job 6:24 Teach me, and I will hold my tongue, cause me to understand wherein I have erred.
Job’s friends, who presumably came to give him comfort, became his accusers. Rather than ease the suffering of Job, they heaped accusation after accusation upon Him, making Job the cause of his trouble. In the midst of his suffering, Job had to endure the verbal assaults of those who should have been easing his pain. While Job was not without his faults, he did not deserve the harshness and accusations that were leveled at him by those who had no idea of what was going on spiritually.
In our text today, Job asks them to help him understand what he has done wrong. This is a sad commentary on the ineffectiveness of his friends' support; instead of being instruments of compassion, were instruments of condemnation.
When we are going through trials, even if they are not as physically debilitating as Job’s, comfort often cannot be found in others. It is important, however, that we do not lose our perspective. Trials are to be expected, and when they come, we must not try to over-analyze the situation nor assign blame, especially to God. Even if an attack of the enemy is allowed to assail us, God will stand with us and use that which was intended for evil to develop in us character and faith that overcomes. Often when we think things are against us, God is building us up, improving our ability to stand in faith, and rely fully upon Him. It is during times of trials and testing that the real you is revealed. God is shaping us, molding us into the image of His Son.
We must not be self-righteous, but God reliant. He is in control and, as long as we surrender all to Him, we will come out as gold tried in the fire. We are precious in His sight and He never leaves us alone.
God bless you as you continue in His service.