Isaiah 41_13

September 5

Happy Wednesday Everyone,


The scripture for today is Isaiah 41:13


Isaiah 41:13 For I the LORD your God will hold your right hand, saying unto you, Fear not; I will help you.


The promise of God's abiding presence with us brings the most comforting hope in times of trouble or distress. Regardless of the nature of the obstacles that we confront, God is greater and He is the one who has promised to hold our hand. A little child is insecure and vulnerable when walking alone through crowded streets with traffic and other pedestrians, but when the hand of a father is holding that child all insecurity fades away and the child feels safe and protected. God, who is the creator of all that we can see and beyond, the most powerful and loving force in existence, has promised to hold our hand. With our hand in His, we can go anywhere, do anything and not be troubled by the surroundings. As long as we hold onto His hand, all is well and there is no need to fear.  


When God promises to help us, we need not look for another alternative. We need no backup plan; His promise is all that we need. He says clearly in our text today "I will help you." That promise is not just for a select few of His children at a particular time, but for all who will trust in Him and take Him at His word. The issue with most Christians is that we tend to want to do things ourselves, to make our own decisions and use our time as we see fit. In order for His help to be effective for us, He must be in charge - of everything. Like the little child holding onto his or her father's hand, he or she is not leading but rather following wherever the Father leads. When father goes, they go; when father stops, they stop. Walking in obedience to the leading of the Father is the only way to receive His help and protection. He leads and directs us primarily by His word. "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." Psalms 119:105 For every situation we can possibly encounter, God has a solution. He will never let go of us. We must never let go of Him.


God bless you as you continue in His service.