Galatians 3:9

The scripture for today is Galatians 3:9
Galatians 3:9 So then those who are of faith are blessed with believing Abraham.
Abraham believed and obeyed. If we have faith as Abraham did, we will also obey. I perceive an unbreakable connection between love, faith, and obedience. All three are present or none is present. We cannot claim to have one and be devoid of the others. The evidence of our faith is in who we are. Who we are is manifested in what we do. In other words, our faith is visible through our actions and our actions are motivated by love. Many claim to have faith in God as Abraham did, but they find excuses for their disobedience, explaining away the commandments of God that do not suit their preferences. Abraham did not do that. And, if we are to be blessed with believing Abraham, we cannot do it either.
“The blessing of righteousness came to the patriarch because he believed God, not because he was chosen to be the progenitor of the Messiah. All who believe as he did will be blessed as he was. Abraham’s faith led him to obey God (Gen. 26:5), and all who have the faith that Abraham had will likewise obey God’s voice and faithfully observe His commandments” The SDA Bible Commentary, Vol. 6, p. 955
God bless you as you continue in His service.