2 Chronicles 15:7

The scripture for today is 2 Chronicles 15:7


2 Chronicles 15:7 But you, be strong and do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded!


In 2 Chronicles 14, an Ethiopian army of one million men came against king Asa and the army of Judah. Judah was greatly outnumbered and, from a military standpoint, they were in jeopardy. But king Asa did not rely on the strength of his overmatched army; He relied on the strength of God to deliver Him. “And Asa cried unto the LORD his God, and said, LORD, it is nothing with you to help, whether with many, or with them that have no power: help us, O LORD our God; for we rest on you, and in your name we go against this multitude. O LORD, you are our God; let not man prevail against you. So the LORD defeated the Ethiopians before Asa, and before Judah; and the Ethiopians fled.” 2 Chronicles 14:11-12


Upon returning from this great victory that God had given them, Asa was met by Azariah the prophet.  “The prophet’s counsel was, in effect, 'Be strong in the Lord, continue firm in your allegiance to Him, and take courage as you face the future.'  Azariah was encouraging Asa to continue in the aggressive measures that he had taken against idolatry and in his firm policy in behalf of Judah’s national interests…Having taken such a strong stand for the Lord, Asa would not be forsaken, but would be allowed to reap the reward of his labors." The SDA Bible Commentary, Vol. 3, p. 248


This is an often repeated occurrence in scripture; God always delivers His people when they turn from evil and call on the Lord out of a sincere heart. It really does not matter who comes against them, how formidable the foe, or how dismal the situation seems; God delivers His people who put their trust in Him.


The nation of Israel was steeped in idolatry and rebellion time and again, but when they turned to God, He did not reject them; He opened His heart to their cry. His Father’s heart could not abandon them. He delivered them because He loved them.


God still loves His people and all who come to Him through His Son are His. And as we cry out to Him from a sincere heart, He hears us. That is what we must understand; He hears us, He really hears us. And God is consistent with His character of love; what He has done for others, He will do for us as well. We can trust the God of scripture today; we can trust His word. Just as God defeated the mighty Ethiopian army before king Asa, He will defeat the enemies of His church today. When we cry out to God as king Asa did, God will not ignore our cry. No matter what the size of the obstacle, trust Him fully today, for nothing is too hard for God. "Be strong and do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded!"


God bless you as you continue in His service.